Trending Sports Cards December 2023

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Wembanyama, Holmgren, NBA Basketball Rookies to Buy in 2024

The NBA season is off and dribbling and we take a look at the top rookie basketball cards to buy. The nickname “Wemby” will become familiar with collectors if it hasn’t already. And no, Wemby is not a McDonald’s restaurant cartoon character! Read on to learn about the hot rookie sports cards collectors are seeking out heading into 2024.

NFL “2023 ROY” Candidate Football Cards to Invest In

The 2023 football card collecting season is in full swing and we take a look at the top NFL football rookie cards to collect now. We’ll integrate in some predictive investment factors and model them around the 2023 NFL draft class Rookie of the Year candidates. Click to learn more.

2023 MLB Playoff Baseball Rookie Cards to Collect

We share some helpful sports card content targeting the top 2023 MLB Playoff baseball rookie cards to collect. Trending high with the baseball card collecting community are many perennial all-star caliber players! The list includes Mookie Betts, Corey Seager, Ronald Acuna Jr, and other star performers. Corbin Carroll ranks as the top for younger star ML prospects competing in the 2023 MLB playoffs. Read more.

Baseball Rookie Cards to Invest In | Acuna Jr & J-Rod

The 2023 MLB regular season is starting to wind down and we take a look at the trending baseball rookie cards to collect heading into 2024. This is always a good time to assess the baseball card marketplace. Many times a MLB player’s season performance will have impacts on their sports card values. Both positively and negatively. There is generally good buying opportunities this time of year to find smart sports card investments. Click to learn more.

Rookie Football Cards | 2023 NFL Week 1 Report

Week one of the 2023 NFL season is in the books… And we see rookie football card investment buying opportunities simmering! Tyreek Hill has set a goal of breaking the NFL record for receiving yards in a season by reaching 2,000 yards. Hill’s recent performance against the Chargers, where he recorded 215 receiving yards and two touchdowns, puts him on pace to generate 3,655 yards in 2023. Read on to learn more

5 Hockey Card Rookies to Watch 2023

The world of sports card collecting is constantly evolving, with hockey fans and hockey card collectors eagerly seeking out the next big rookie card. Click now to explore the top five NHL rookie cards to buy. These are the 2023 hockey cards that every collector should consider adding to their collection. These freshly minted cardboard stars not only represent the promising careers of future hockey legends but equally have the potential to become valuable investments over time.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals in Baseball Card Auctions

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to find the best deals in sports card auctions, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover our top tips for navigating the world of online auctioning and making the most out of every sports card auction purchase.

Football Rookie Cards to Buy In 2023: QB Edition

Calling all football rookie card collectors! The new NFL season is right around the corner, and you know what that means? Training camp. For the players, this is when it’s time to prepare their bodies and minds for the upcoming season. For football card collectors, it’s time to target and stock up as much as you can before prices change during the season. Click to learn more.

2023 Football Boxes and Packs to Buy Now

Whether investing in NFL prospects or set building, there are many sports card box and pack options to choose from. Panini football products lead the way by a country mile in today’s football card marketplace, but it wasn’t always that way you know. Click now to read more.

Best 2023 Topps Baseball Boxes and Packs to Buy

There are many baseball card boxes that you can buy in 2023. How do you choose? Are you a rookie prospector? A set builder? An autograph collector? Other? Click now to learn more.

2023 NBA Draft Rookies to Invest In Now

Excitement is building towards the 2023 NBA draft and if you haven’t heard the name “Victor Wembanyama” you soon will. He’s the number one prospect on the 2023 NBA draft board and ready to make an impact on the NBA court. Read on to learn what the trending 2023 basketball rookie cards are that you should be adding to to your sports card portfolio!

Sports Card Investor Tips

Routinely on the current sports card market hall of fame players like Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, Honus Wagner or even LeBron James basketball cards are fetching soaring prices similar to the stock market! And with the recent fade of the stock market, the sports card market has become a robust alternative investment strategy to add to one’s financial portfolio. Click to read more.