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2022 Graded Sports Cards to Buy

The sports trading card industry has grown substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with sports cards reaching unprecedented levels. Despite the sports card market cooling off in recent months due to current economic uncertainty, one category continues to thrive: high-end sports cards. Read about the top 2022 sports card investments now!

How to Buy Sports Cards on eBay

It’s likely everyone has at least heard of eBay whether they’ve used it or not. Anyone can get online and buy sports cards on eBay, but how do you do it effectively? By the time you finish reading this blog, you’ll know all the basics to making informed purchases on eBay. Click and learn more.

Top 2022 Baseball Card Investments: Trout is Back!

The 2022 MLB season is now in full swing and we take a look at some of the best 2022 baseball cards to buy and invest in not named Wander Franco(Shop eBay) or Shohei Ohtani(Shop eBay). Click to read more.

Best Baseball Card Buys 2022

Are you interested in learning what the top baseball card values and investments are for 2022? What ARE the best 2022 baseball cards to buy and invest in now? Who are the most valuable players to target? Click now to learn more.

Sports Card Investor How-to Buy Sports Cards Guide

Investing in sports card for 2022? Looking for expert sports investor tips to identify the best market mover card investments to buy? Read our blog to learn sports card investing tips to help you build a profitable sports card portfolio in 2022!

The 10 Most Expensive Hockey Cards Sold 2022

Over the past couple of years, sports card collecting has seen a significant growth in popularity. Not only has this caused hockey card values to go up at card shops, but also the demand has empowered card collectors to sell their cards for record prices. The collectors market is booming and hockey cards are no exception. Click now the top 10 most valuable hockey cards sold to date – a price guide organized from most affordable to most expensive.

The 10 Most Expensive Football Cards Sold 2022

Whether it be large or small, everyone has had a sports card collection at some point in their lives. Especially in today’s world, football cards have boomed from both a buying and selling standpoint. People are fighting over card packs in retail stores and selling out online markets trying to get an opportunity to get their hands on the next Tom Brady rookie card. Click to review the 10 Most Expensive Football Cards 2022

PSA Card Grading & How To Grade Cards

You just hit the big time and stumbled upon a vintage rookie Tom Brady(Shop eBay) card while you were cleaning out your room. You feel like you hit the jackpot, but how can you be certain? PSA card grading and sports card grading in general is the best way to help solidify your card’s value. If you walk into a card show looking to sell your Brady(Shop eBay) card and you ask for market price, people are going to want to see some proof that your card is the real deal before giving you a wad of cash. Click now to learn the benefits of getting your card graded, how it works, where to get it done, and more.

How to Sell Sports Cards

“How can I sell my sports cards?” That’s something we have heard quite a few times. There is more to it than just going online and asking someone to send you money, so make sure you do some research before you start selling your cards. Whether it be baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards, or something else, you should consider following this “How to Sell Sports Cards” guide ahead of time. Click to get started!

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