1962 Topps Baseball PSA POP Counts Review

Review of 1962 Topps PSA Population Counts

The 1962 Topps Baseball card set, known for its distinctive wood-grain border design, is a favorite among collectors. Understanding the PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) population counts for this set provides valuable insights into the availability, condition, and desirability of these cards. Here’s a detailed review of the PSA population counts for the 1962 Topps set:

General Overview

  • Total Cards Graded: The 1962 Topps set consists of 598 cards. PSA has graded tens of thousands of these cards over the years. The set is known for its challenging condition sensitivity due to the brown, wood-grain borders which easily show wear and chipping.
  • Condition Breakdown: The majority of cards graded by PSA fall into the mid to lower-grade range (PSA 3 to PSA 6), with fewer cards achieving higher grades (PSA 8 and above). This is largely due to the card design’s susceptibility to showing damage and wear.

Key Cards and Their Populations

  • Mickey Mantle (#200): Mantle’s card is one of the most sought after in the set. PSA has graded thousands of these cards, but only a small fraction are in high grades. As of the latest counts, PSA 9 and above are particularly rare.
  • Willie Mays (#300): Another major card in the set, Mays’ card follows a similar pattern to Mantle’s, with many cards graded but very few in top condition (PSA 8 and above).
  • Lou Brock (#387): Brock’s second-year card is popular among collectors. While numerous Brock cards have been graded, high-grade examples remain scarce.
  • Bob Gibson (#530): Gibson’s card, part of the tough high-number series, is highly collectible. High-grade examples (PSA 8 and above) are very limited.
  • Gaylord Perry Rookie (#199): Perry’s rookie card is a key card in the set. PSA has graded many of these, but like others, high-grade examples are few.

High Number Series (Cards #523-598)

The high number series in the 1962 Topps set is particularly challenging for collectors. These cards were printed in fewer quantities and are tougher to find in high grades due to print quality issues and the wear-prone borders.

  • Scarcity and Demand: High number series cards often command premium prices, especially in PSA 7 and above. Collectors face challenges in finding well-centered cards with minimal border wear.

Rarity and Collectability

  • Condition Sensitivity: The wood-grain borders make the 1962 Topps set one of the most condition-sensitive sets in the hobby. Even slight wear or chipping can significantly impact the grade.
  • Mid-Grade Popularity: Many collectors target cards in the PSA 5 to PSA 7 range where the cards are still visually appealing but more affordable than the higher-grade counterparts.

Notable Subsets and Special Cards

  • Babe Ruth Special Subset (#135-144): This subset, featuring highlights from Ruth’s career, is popular among collectors. High-grade examples are rare due to centering and border wear issues.
  • All-Star Cards (#390-429): Featuring the game’s biggest stars, these cards are also condition sensitive. High-grade examples are difficult to find.


The PSA population counts for the 1962 Topps Baseball set highlight its allure and the challenges it presents to collectors. The distinctive wood-grain borders, while visually appealing, contribute to the set’s condition sensitivity, making high-grade cards particularly scarce and valuable. Key cards of legends like Mickey Mantle(eBay), Willie Mays(eBay), and Bob Gibson, as well as the challenging high number series, drive the desirability of this set.

For collectors, the 1962 Topps(eBay) set offers a mix of nostalgia and a test of patience and perseverance in seeking well-preserved examples. Whether pursuing high-grade cards for investment or mid-grade examples for personal enjoyment, the 1962 Topps Baseball set remains a cornerstone of vintage baseball card collecting.

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