2020 Opening Day Rookies to Watch

2020 Opening Day Rookies to Watch

Let’s look at a couple of the top 2020 opening day rookies to watch heading into the opening day of the 2020 baseball season.

Play Ball! I honestly wasn’t certain you’d be reading those words for 2020. Even through all the wait. All the twists, turns, and current restrictions bestowed upon the 2020 baseball season (a very haunting site to see Fenway Park with no fans during a Red Sox game) I still have the child-like excitement that you get on MLB opening day. I definitely hadn’t felt like this until this very morning. And I will cherish it as we don’t know for sure if things will all work out and the 2020 season continues as planned. 

COVID-19 is certain to play a role within teams’ clubhouses and present opportunities for rookies to play at the major league level that otherwise might have spent time in the minors this season.

Wander Franco

Wander Franco(Shop eBay) is probably the most talented and hyped young prospect in MLB. Here are some notes on the switch-hitting 19-year-old Tampa Ray rookie.

  • Prospect Ranks: No. 1 at Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus.
  • 2019 Stats (A, A+): 114 G, .327/.398/.487, 9 HR, 43 XBH, 18 SB (56.3%), 11.3 BB%, 7.1% K%
  • Career: 175 G, .336/.405/.523, 20 HR, 71 XBH, 22 SB (56.4%), 10.8 BB%, 7.0 K%

Franco(Shop eBay) was added to the Rays’ 60-man player pool. He is likely going to be “waiting in the wings” when the Rays announce their 40 man roster But in an already crazy 2020 season, we won’t rule out seeing him in the majors at some point this year.

2016 Bowman Chrome Draft autograph Wander Franco

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Bo Bichette

Bo Bichette currently is ranked 3 times in the top 50 cards via the current Hot 100 Rookie cards to watch and buy real-time list. Collectors are eagerly buying up his cards. And rightly so. Son of former professional MLB Dante Bichette, Bo brings a strong pedigree. Last year Bo Bichette opened a lot of people’s eyes at the major league level and his card values have been rising.

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2016 Bowman Chrome Draft autograph Bo Bichette