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Best 2020 Baseball Card Products to Buy

What are the best 2020 baseball card products to buy? We recently fielded a great collector question via our social media channels that inspired this post.

“New to the group, looking for direction. Looking to build a collection for the grandkids. What brands (Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck, Donruss, Bowman) should I focus on. I appreciate the help.”

Brian W.

Best 2020 Baseball Card Products to Buy

Our follow-on question would be, what is your collecting style? Ther are many personal styles to collecting cards. We’ll approach this from two of the most popular collecting styles – Rookie Prospecting and Set-Building.

Rookie Prospecting Best 2020 Baseball Card Products to Buy

Bowman is an elite brand for rookie prospecting. For decades Bowman has delivered the top MLB prospects on cardboard perennially. The product designs are always cutting-edge and the rookie player selection is top-notch. Collectors should start with Bowman to collect the top baseball rookie cards.

The best 2020 Bowman baseball products to buy are Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft, and Bowman Sterling. All products deliver exceptional design and a deep selection of rookie players. Bowman products offer excellent rookie prospect collecting investment value.

Bowman refractor autographs are some of the most sought after rookie cards for any prospect and generally speaking, are a player’s best rookie card to buy.

What helps make the refractor cards great are not only their sleek design and durability but also the short print, serial numbered, rainbow-colored refractor Bowman autographs. These rare rainbow refractor gems are typically revered as the “crown jewel” autograph card for any MLB rookie.

We recommend keeping a watch on Panini Prizm. Over the past several years Panini Prizm has captured the collector’s attention. Panini Prizm is a fine product for rookie cards (especially for basketball rookie card collectors).

2019 Bowman Draft Chrome Pick Gold Wave Auto #CDA-AR Adley Rutschman /50
2019 Bowman Draft Chrome Pick Gold Wave Auto #CDA-AR Adley Rutschman /50

Set-Building Best 2020 Baseball Card Products to Buy

For Set-Builders Topps represents the prime selection. Topps is the pioneer and continues to deliver excellently the best baseball cards to buy when building annual sets.

The best 2020 Topps baseball products to buy for set-building include Topps Base, Topps Chrome, and Topps Heritage. These products will effectively deliver deeper team rosters than a Bowman rookie product. And additionally include more variants and short prints to chase.

To be specific Topps Heritage delivers a unique retro throwback card design year-in-year-out. The 2020 Topps Heritage is inspired by the “black-border” 1971 Topps baseball card design but includes current 2020 players.

Shohei Ohtani Topps Heritage Rookie Red Autograph
Shohei Ohtani Topps Heritage Rookie Red Autograph

We hope this information helps provide a little more joy to your baseball card buying and trading experience. Happy collecting!