PSA Grading and Its Benefits

PSA Grading and Its Benefits

So you just got yourself a new sports card — that’s great! Did you get it at a good price? If so, grading your card through a professional sports authenticator grading company like PSA grading or BGS authentication and grading could boost your sports card’s value depending on the card’s condition.

In example, a valuable raw sports card, such as a Michael Jordan(eBay) or Mike Trout(eBay) rookie card, granted a PSA Gem Mint 10 grade could increase that card’s value exponentially and fetch tens of thousands of dollars!

PSA grading BGS Sports card Authentication

Buying non-graded trading cards, also known as raw, is generally more affordable than buying them graded because there is an unknown factor involved; the card’s condition. An experienced sports card buyer knows how to identify traits of a card that will contribute to earning a top grade from PSA or BGS. When buying a card, be on the lookout for:

Sports Card Grading Qualifications

Card Centering

Assess and judge whether or not the card is centered (don’t forget to check the back of the card too!).

Card Surface Condition

Inspect the sports card for marks such as scratches, dimples, etc.

Card Corners

Review the sports card’s corners for sharpness. Rounded or bent corners will fail for getting a solid sports card grade.

Card Edges

Scrutinize the the smoothness of the trading card’s edges. Jagged edges or miscuts from the factory can negatively impact edge integrity.

If you buy a raw card and all of the above criteria are met, you likely would want to create a PSA submission and send your cards to PSA for grading.

Should I Get My Sports Card Graded?

In order to be profitable, it’s important to keep in mind that not all cards should be graded. For example, if you buy a card raw that is only worth $5, even if it gets a BGS/PSA 9 or 10 grade it might not be worth the cost of grading the card in the first place. Depending on how many cards you submit and what package you choose, grading your card could cost you around $50 per card. Therefore, it is only worth grading a card that will be worth more than that once it receives its grade.

Top Benefits For PSA Grading Your Cards

Easier to Sell

Graded cards are easier to sell. They remove amibiguity regarding a card’s condition. Oftentimes buyers are hesitant to purchase cards if they cannot tell if the card is centered, has sharp corners, or if there are any other factors that would impact the card’s value. Having the card’s condition accurately represented in the grade will remove the guesswork and allow you to sell the card more quickly.

Similarly, a protected, graded sports card will generate more eye appeal for buyers. More eye appeal equates to more purchase interest. This can offer benefits for your card show table or when selling on your eBay page!

Protection and Preservation

Card collecting has become popular in recent years. And populations of older cards in pristine condition are rare because people didn’t think to preserve them. A graded card ensures preservation and protection over its lifetime. And you can even buy protective sleeves to go over the slab for added protection.

Mitigate Sports Card Market Price Fluctuations

One of the biggest challenges with selling raw cards is the price fluctuations. It can sometimes be hard to get an accurate comp based on recent sales because of how erratic raw sales tend to be.

How Soon Will I get My PSA Graded Sports Card Back?

It’s important to consider turnaround time for your sport card authentication grading services. The sports card market is quite fluid and you want to be sure you understand the duration of time before the BGS or PSA sports card grading company will ship your cards back to you.

Should I Get High Value Sports Cards PSA Graded?

If you have a high value card that you believe is a viable grading candidate, strongly consider submitting the sports card for grading services and save yourself the problem of trying to justify the card’s value. Let PSA or BGS do that part for you. Having the card graded will yield more consistent comps and therefore will contribute to more predictability and ease of selling.

Having the option to grade your cards brings a whole new element to the hobby. As the sports card hobby continues to evolve, be sure to stay up-to-date on the best ways to successfully purchase, sell, and grade your sports cards.

Happy collecting!

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Written by Chris Keeley, Freelance Staff Writer