Sports Card Investor Tips 2022

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck in March 2020, sports cards have been all the rage, as major media news outlets from the Wall Street Journal to The New York Times to ESPN and everything in between, have documented record-breaking sale after record-breaking sale, with the latest baseball card being a 1952 Topps(Shop eBay) Mickey Mantle(Shop eBay) rookie card, which sold for $12.6 million setting the record for the most valuable sports card. Read on to learn sports card investor tips that could land you the next big sports card sale!

Routinely on the current card market hall of fame players like Michael Jordan(Shop eBay), Honus Wagner or even LeBron James(Shop eBay) basketball cards are fetching soaring prices similar to the stock market. The card market has become a robust alternative investment strategy to add to one’s financial portfolio.

As such, it goes without saying that the value of sports cards has risen astronomically in recent years, whether it be emerging rookies, autographed sports cards, or vintage cards featuring the greatest athletes of all time, leading to both new and seasoned sports card collectors to identify the most profitable investment strategy approaches to sports card investing.

While investing in sports cards may appear straightforward, there are many variables to weigh before engrossing yourself in the sports collecting landscape. 

Here at BTC, we’ve assembled a guide on how to buy sports cards, from establishing a budget, determining whether to invest in the short-term or long-term, understanding how the value of sports cards can rise and fall, and unveiling underpriced sports cards. 

After familiarizing yourself with our Sports Card Investor How To Guide, let’s turn our attention to our most compelling sports card investor tips of 2022.

eBay Vault - sports card vaults are one of the finest strategies to sports card collecting

What Are Sports Card Vaults?

After you’ve established your budget, decided whether to invest in sports cards in the short or long term, followed the latest sports card investor news, conducted in-depth research on the card value of players, and ultimately purchased that card you’ve sought-after, it’s now time to turn a profit.

Whether you purchase a raw sports card and go through the lengthy process of having your card BGS or PSA graded and endure the expense of fees from grading companies, or wish to streamline your collection by saving money, while simplifying ways to evaluate your collection, sports card vaults are one of the finest strategies to sports card collecting.

We recommend several reputable sports card vaults, including the eBay Vault, Collectors Vault, PWCC Vault, and the Beckett Vault.

Are Sports Card Vaults Cost-Effective?

Each of the above sports card vaults is relatively straightforward and offers you peace of mind for your sports card collection. Sports card vaults are secure and insured in temperature-controlled facilities. Most importantly, sports card vaults help save you money on selling, shipping, sales tax, and final value fees, leading to more earnings for your sports card sales.

Assessing Your Collection

Sports card vaults also provide a platform to track your sports card collection seamlessly in real-time. Moreover, you can view your collections’ past and current value while having a liquid option to buy and sell sports cards.

BTC Sports Card Investor App

BTC’s Sports Card Investor App is catered to collectors who wish to target underpriced sports cards using real-time analysis, view recent sales and market demand using advanced insights, and buy with confidence knowing you’ve successfully made a sound investment.

When using the BTC Sports Card Investor App, you’ll notice several benchmarks that will help you target undervalued sports cards, including BTC Star Buy Rating, Bid Rating Number, and Power Ranking Number.

Using our cutting-edge algorithm, which considers percentage change, average dollars per bid, bid rating score, and power ranking number, among other criteria, a BTC Star Buy Rating for a particular card denotes an undervalued card worth buying. BTC’s Bid Rating (BR) number or Bid Rating Score calculates bidding activity for a specific card and analyzes it against similar auction items to interpret bidding insights. Each card also highlights a Power Ranking (PR) number that analyzes each card to determine inherent card value.

To learn more about the BTC Sports Card Investor App, how to successfully discover undervalued sports cards, direct your attention to the BTC homepage and scroll down to How-To Use Sports Card Price App to get started.