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2022-23 Panini Prizm Chet Holmgren Rookie Penmanship Auto RC #RP-CHC OKC ThunderShop eBay

2022-23 Panini Prizm Chet Holmgren Rookie Penmanship Auto RC #RP-CHC OKC Thunder...eBay
Bids: 0 <<
Avg Bid: $0
1 days 08 hours and 2 minutes

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Marcus Allen 1983 Topps Football Autograph Auto Rookie Card #294 - BAS 10...eBay

Price: 119.95

Feedback: 99.9% (139899)
Value Change -63.73%

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.36

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.36

PSA 10 RONALD ACUNA JR. 1st 2017 Bowman Paper Braves Rookie Card RC GEM MINT...eBay

Price: 139.99

Feedback: 100.0% (15281)
Value Change -57.67%

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.42

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.45

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.45

Anthony Richardson Immaculate Collegiate Rookie Autograph numbered /99!...eBay

Price: 200.00

Feedback: 100.0% (149)
Value Change -39.53%

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.60


Price: 200.00

Feedback: 0.0% (0)
Value Change -39.53%

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.60

Card Analysis >> PR: 0.83

Card Analysis >> PR: 1.51

2023 Football Card Bio | Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice Did You Know?
  • Jerry Rice played 20 seasons for the 49ers, Raiders and Seahawks
  • Jerry Rice had 1,549 catches for 22,895 yards and scored 208 touchdowns
  • Jerry Rice was selected to play in 13 Pro Bowls
  • Jerry Rice won 2 Offensive Player of the Year awards, 1 Super Bowl MVP award and 3 championships
  • Jerry Rice was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010

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