Best F1 Racing Cards to Buy in 2023

The 2023 Formula One season is underway with the Bahrain Grand Prix kicking the season off in March and it’s a wise time to look at what the best F1 racing cards are to buy for 2023. Although Max Verstappen has taken an early lead in the Driver’s Championship standings, there are still plenty of drivers’ cards you should collect leading into this year. There are also a lot of impressive rookies that could make a splash in seasons to come, assuming they move to a better team. Here are some of the top short- and long-term F1 cards to invest in for the 2023 season.

Oscar Piastri 2021 Topps Chrome RC Card

Logan Sergeant

With the continued success of the Netflix series Drive to Survive, Formula One has been gaining traction with the American audience, rivaling the local series, NASCAR. Given this success, it’s no surprise to see an American driver enter the fold. Logan Sergeant won Formula 2 Rookie of the Year in 2022 and is worthy of being a top driver in F1. He is limited by racing for the struggling Williams team, but Sergeant is definitely worth the investment.

Oscar Piastri

Speaking of worthy investments, Oscar Piastri is considered by critics to be the most talented rookie in recent years. Piastri won the F2 Drivers Championship in 2021 and served as Alpine’s reserve driver last year — preparing him for a full-time role this season. Before you know it, he will be a household name in F1 and competing for a world title. Get his cards now while their prices are at the lowest they’ll ever be.

It’s exciting to see F1 becoming more popular in American culture. It’s even more exciting to have a new sport to collect in the sports card world. One thing to keep in mind when collecting F1 cards is pay attention to the card orientation. For example, there are cards with the driver’s picture on it and others with a picture of the card. The portrait version of the cards will always be more valuable than the picture of the car.

Oscar Piastri’s racing cards are available in at least 2 sets. Piastri’s biggest 7-day price movers are 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Base, 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Orange & Red Refractor and 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 1961 Topps(eBay) Sports Cars.

Charles Leclerc

You will not be able to find a Charles Leclerc rookie card because Topps wasn’t making F1 cards when he was a rookie, but his cards still sell nonetheless. Despite coming up short last season, Leclerc and Ferrari have been the quickest in preseason testing and should be able to fight with Red Bull for the championship this season yet again. Once they work through some of their mechanical issues, the prancing horses from Italy will be in front once again.

If you’re going to buy Leclerc cards, we recommend looking for numbered color cards from 2020 Topps Chrome. That was the first year Topps produced these cards so they’re valued as his rookie card. Leclerc racing cards certainly are a solid investment and some of the best F1 racing cards to be buying.

George Russell

Luckily for Russell collectors, he was a rookie when F1 cards were starting to be produced. There have always been speculations of Russell being world champion someday, but since he took over Bottas’ seat at Mercedes, it’s become more of a reality. Lewis Hamilton is the number one driver right now for them, and rightfully so, but he’s coming towards the end of his career. Once that happens, Russell is all but guaranteed to be in the championship picture.

Lando Norris

2020 really was a great year for British drivers. Lando, besides being one of the most likable drivers in the paddock, is extremely talented. Now, all he needs is a better ride. McLaren had some flashes in the pan last season, but ultimately fell far off the mark. Unfortunately, they look to be even worse this season, but if Lando can continue showing his skills, he will find a new ride in no time.

You’re now ready to lap the field and be the first to land the best F1 Racing Cards to buy in 2023. Happy collecting!

Written by Chris Keeley, Freelance Staff Writer