BTC Bid Ratings

We’ve added a new feature called Bid Ratings to our BTC Card Price Lookup App. This along with our BTC Power Rankings offers collectors a fresh, progressive perspective toward card buying and investing.

Read more about the BTC Power Rankings system here.

The BTC Bid Ratings score system measures bid count behavior activity for an item and analyzes it against all other auction items listed. Simply speaking any BTC Bid Rating above 1.0 illustrates robust or better than average bidding activity.

This advanced card market analysis enables collectors to reveal potential cards on the rise due to active bidding.

One way to interpret a BTC list is to combine the BTC Bid Rating with the BTC Power Ranking. 

This technique allows a user to identify prospective card investment opportunities trending up in the market, as well as cards trending down.

Head over to the BTC Card Price Lookup App to see how your cards are trending.

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